Presentation Training Programmes:

  • Event / Conference Organisers

    Helping your event or conference speakers deliver an awesome, audience inspiring presentation. As an event organiser you need to ensure all your speakers deliver great value to the audience. This programme is in workshop, webinar, podcast and note format and will give your speakers tips and advice on how to deliver an awesome presentation that will great for the success of your event.

    Full details here: Conference & Event Speakers

  • Company Presentation Training

    Helping you and your colleagues understand how to deliver awesome presentations regardless of their experience of presenting. Delivering an awesome  presentation will help your company stand out at a business event or trade show, help you win new clients, retain and grow existing clients, secure investment. This is a fast paced, highly interactive one day programme.

    Full details here: Company Presentation Coaching

  • Company AGM Presentation

    Especially designed for business leaders, directors and senior managers who have key presentations to deliver at the annual company conference or AGM. This workshop will ensure you deliver a presentation that inspires and motivates colleagues, board members and shareholders. The event will be a great success if the key presentations are awesome!

    Full details here: Conference & AGM Presentations

Presentations and Sales Pitches are a great opportunity for you and your colleagues…….to attract new customers, grow spend from existing ones, raise your profile amongst your business peers, motivate and inspire your team, and persuade investors to back you.

Which makes Presenting an invaluable business skill….

‘Deliver Awesome Presentations and Sales Pitches’ is a training programme designed for both individuals and companies and will help you become an engaging and confident presenter and speaker.

Check out the details here: Deliver Awesome Presentations 2019

To book your programme please call me, Trevor Lee, on 07785 390717 or email me via

Coming soon – an online course version of Deliver Awesome Presentations aimed at those with a vital presentation or sales pitch coming up in early summer 2019. The course will be a mixture of self learning and live one to one coaching and advice. Each module will be available in a video, podcast and notes format. A special price will be available for the first six course users. Interested? email me via

Click on the screencasts below for ideas on how to : Not to start a Presentation : Deliver a rousing finish : Preparation Checklist : Deliver at an Event : Overcome Nerves : Practice

‘Deliver Awesome Presentations’ will help you:

  • Become a Confident Speaker
  • Win more Business
  • Raise your Profile
  • Engage your Audience
  • Overcome any Nerves
  • Run on Time
  • Use your Voice
  • Use Slides Better
  • Structure your Presentation
  • Enjoy Presenting & Speaking!

Don’t Take My Word For It…


Companies I have helped with presenting include:

Coodes Solicitors Cornwall Development Company Fit 'N' Fun Kids Folk 2 Folk Helpful Holidays Incredible Changes Peters Langsford Davies Probate Expertise  School for Social Entrepreneurs St Austell Brewery St Austell Printing Company Stockdale Accountants  torfx trac Trans-It-Delivery

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